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    Diversity is our key

    Treat cancer with a multidisciplinary approach
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    We believe that a patient’s sweet pill is the friendly atmosphere of the hospital.
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  • Diversity is our key

    Treat Cancer with a multidisciplinary approach

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As per the National Cancer Registry Programme report, over 13 lakh people in India suffer from cancer every year in India which is ranked has 3rd highest position among the nation in terms of the highest number of cancer patients.

Experts estimate that there will be a 12 percent rise in cancer cases in India by the next five years. The common forms of this cancers are Oral cancer, Cervical cancer, and Breast cancer.

OncoIndia foundation was established to stand out against this deadly disease and reduce the burden on India.

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The sort of cancers we treat

Our Treatments

There are varieties of cancers and each requires a specific approach and expertise. We provide a comprehensive cure.

Bone & Soft Tissue Oncology

Gastrointestinal Oncology

Breast Oncology

Head & Neck Oncology

Neuro Oncology

Paediatric Oncology

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